Twitter and the cantankerous duplicitous media.

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I read this article and realize how petty, hypocritcal and 2 faced mainstream media truly is. My platforms have been on the other side of the coin in regards to censorship and my flagship @metropulseusa is still permanently suspended on Twitter as of this writing so I speak with an attitude.

Metro Pulse was suspended on Twitter for speaking to what is now accepted truth on the dangers of the vaccine and highlights the exact tweets that triggered the suspension and subsequent interactions with the company featured on the home page for the world to see.

I noticed a serious drop in traffic immediately after Bozo Biden took office between Feb and March 2021, this when my content was INCREASING as were my followers. It is crystal clear I was targeted so when I hear the howling of the left (that ain’t at all RIGHT) on the recent suspensions for targeting Musk and family with real time targeted tracking (read doxxing) I relish the justice.

These losers deserve the shutdown as they are deliberately creating unsafe conditions for the CEO by indirecting encouraging potentially violent responses toward his family steeped in the desperation of a losing cause because when turnabout is fair play these punks play dirty then have the audacity to blame the other side like here in Chicago in our summer riots of 2020. This is NOT about supporting Trump, but merely pointing out how they roll and highlighting the fact the game is up for them.

As the CEO of an independent news organization I am proud to have spoken my truth against all odds and been villified for it even as I am exonerated in the public domain. These are unprecedented times in media and my truths represent the best of my abilities to decipher the facts, a serious responsibility I do not take lightly.