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Michael E. Dehn
President + CEO

Metro Pulse, Inc®®
Media Python®

(312) 520-0204

Mr. Dehn’s Story

Michael E. Dehn, Founder and CEO of Metro Pulse, Inc.,, and Media Python has been involved in the memorabilia business for most of his adult life. Metro Pulse, Inc., established in May 1980, celebrated its 44th year in business in May of 2024.

Michael’s professional experience includes helping design the Rock ‘n Roll McDonald’s in Chicago (supplying much of the memorabilia in it), to running a successful mail order business.

Dehn holds a Guinness World Record in the memorabilia field for buying, as an individual, the most unused tickets to an event. He should also have the Guinness World Record for selling the most unused tickets to a one-time musical event, but the powers to be in London have determined that at this time they are unable to create an award that celebrates this achievement. <Learn More>

Mr. Dehn currently operates the following social media platforms as a comprehensive community information portal. Spearheaded by, as the primary disseminator of news and current events, it is joined by MetroTax, and, TicketPulse, Active Memories and the data analytics application MetroPulse today, as well as the Media Python and Box Office Ticket Awards. More creative news disseminators in our media fold include the news of the world through the eyes of ancient Rome with application Ceasars Box and our alien view of the news through our Schnookswizzards platform. All above mentioned sites are easily accessed below.