Thoughts on Dominion lawsuit

by | Mar 8, 2023 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Been perusing the mainstream media today and was amused at the apparent lockstep messaging I am seeing across the spectrum on fault of Fox in propagating alleged election lies.

I am skeptical of Dominion and have been from the beginning. The simple task of proving if trojans can be ghosted into their systems to digitally manipulate the digital ballots is the simple and primary question because we all know it is more than possible, especially given state sponsored support of elite hacking teams that have busted out every other government and private system out there,

The refusal of the company to come clean other than a disastrous 60 Minutes interview with the inept CEO that failed to answer anything is deplorable and to me smacks of PR desperation.

The lopsided media consensus on the nature of how the case will end up suggests to me shadow censorship because to muzzle Fox News before next year’s election is to effectively control media. The other right wing media outlets being sued would seal the deal once that precedent is established.

Pray the jury plays spoiler and goes for free speech and Dominion will be FORCED to reveal what they refuse to provide . If not, independent media is all you will have left