Thoughts for the New Year

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As a juvenile senior citizen I have been blessed to have lived thru a generation of cultural change and artistic expression that has proven to be timeless moving forward.

As I see the reality of today in contrast to what I have lived thru in the last few decades I am chagrined. My blog posts at have reflected my feelings showcased in the news headlines of the day but I felt it proper to expound upon those feelings here.

In Illinois it is no secret that we have a MAJOR crime problem that is about to be exacerbated by the selected county implementation of a no cash bail system statewide that I fear will only embolden the wicked and make crime situation worse here on Jan 1.

The theory behind the SAFE T Act did have merit as it is painfully obvious there is discrimination toward people of color in bail directives for petty crimes that unfairly caused undue hardship for some but like everything else society attempts to address (think ME TOO) it goes overboard in application at what I believe will be at the expense of public safety . New York has clearly shown that with a similar policy in place as we speak.

Regarding ME TOO men in society have been muzzled in interactions with women regarding the risk/reward mentality and the good women out there are being unfairly targeted by men avoiding them because of the fear of accusations that give women powerful advantages with the police and the courts whether they are true or not. Add to that multiple STDs that have no cure and drugs that kill and the current dating environment is most dangerous indeed. I am pleased I lived in a time when all of this was more carefree and I myself am grateful to be single AND SAFE and healthy at this point.

As a senior citizen awaiting the inevitability of another New Year, I never thought America today would be the reality it is. We are grappling with a pandemic and flu season unparalled in modern history not to mention respiratory infections targeting our young, potentially World War III in ever escalating war in Ukraine that appears to have no end game at this point except serious confrontation as well as a ground swell of major disgust and lack of faith in all things government fueled by a bought and sold beyond incompetent lying media furthering a beyond flawed agenda few are buying. Coupled with runaway inflation and the economic uncertainty that comes along with it, these are trying times indeed

The Twitter files have been a wake up call for ALL of America and certainly for me in the blatant violations of 1st Amendment free speech now proven beyond the shadow of a doubt. My flagship platform on Twitter at @metropulseusa remains permanently suspended over alleged misinformation on the dangers of the vaccines since proven TRUE that I posted in their entirety at to definitively show the blatant hypocrisy of Twitter. I am grateful to Twitter for forcing me to build my branded trademarked platforms and avoid them as many who were guilty of more alleged egregious vaccine misinformation are up and running on platform including Dr Malone and Dr McCullough who from the beginning are who all of us SHOULD HAVE BEEN LISTENING TO but could not because of Big Pharma influenced censorship.

It pains me that I must avoid public gathering places and restrict my travel because as a cancer survivor who remains unvaccinated I cannot take the risk. I am unvaccinated because of experimental chemos I took that saved my life during my cancer treatments 15 years ago but put me into a category that could not have possibly been tested in experimental roll out and I am scared of side effects given my individual condition so I have decided to live a solitary life till this all clears, if ever.

It is a sad commentary that one is a soldier in their daily lives the minute they walk out their door, from carjackings and robberies of the most vulnerable to the rampant catalytic convertor thefts we are seeing that here in Chicago seem to go unpunished even if perps caught. I live in Dupage County and our State’s Attorney Berlin takes no BS unlike his counterpart FOXX in Cook County but with no cash bail….

Anyway as a prudent realist who still retains a healthy level of optimism


Best MD