Thoughts on the “TRIPLE”demic from a cancer survivor

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I am a throat cancer survivor since 2010. The experience transformed my life and created the pre cancer and post cancer phases of my life.

Many say cancer was the worst experience of their lives and sadly many live with horrific after effects if they were fortunate to survive. For me, it was the worst AND the best time of my life because it FORCED me to learn about nutrition and health because after the horrors of chemo and radiation treatments coupled with living on a feeding tune for 16 months I swore that if I beat this insidious disease I would never allow it back in my world.

As of this writing on 12/4 2022 I have achieved that goal and remain cancer free. But it takes work on eating right (read nutrition), exercise and possessing a postive engaging mindset that allows for minimal stress & the fortifying of the all important enteric nervous sysyem. To a layman, this system refers to your”gut” where the lion’s share of your immune system resides.

My platform on Twitter @metropulseusa was permanently suspended because I posted my opinions on the experimental vaccines for Covid and my steadfast refusal to taking them or the boosters, content that was deemed misinformation by the bought and sold biased algorithms owned by Big Pharma.

My particular situation bears scrutiny in that I took the experimental Perodyne chemo treatment specfically designed to address the melonoma squamous cell cancerin my throat so in MY case the testing for the impact of the vaccine and boosters could not have possibly been conducted in the limited test time and hence my refusal to be vaxxed, a situation on which my medical staff concurred..

Since my clean bill of health on beating the cancer in 2010 and because i am now a senior citizen, my priority concern became the flu, an annual scouge that deceptively alters it’s signature in each yearly incarnation , making the vaccines unable to keep up with the mutations of the virus when issued. This is a major reason why my goal in life was to live to bolster my immune system each and every day with the nutrients required to do just that, a full time lifestyle commitment.

Because I was acclimated to fighting the inevitable yearly flus as the greatest risk to my overall health because of my compromised immune system because of my chemo and radiation treatments, I was uniquely prepared for Covid and willingly acquiesced to avoiding travel and concerts, funerals, weddings, bars and restaurants and lived a solitary lifestyle but wisely remained unvaccinated.

Astoundingly, during the Covid pandemic, flu became non existent in the statistics for the first time in almost 100 years in the 2 years prior to now dovetailing with the pandemic alerts we are seeing now.. We see 3 viruses in tandem and after being acutely aware of the flu strains over the last decade something to me does not ring right. And after reading the book by Phillip Dettmer called “IMMUNE” that describes the spike proteins and their impact on immune systems my skepticism increased dramatically as I see increased hosipitalizations being reported here in Illinois, especially with young children with respiratory and heart issues. potentially from previous vaccinations.

Most of the people I know in my little world that actually caught Covid were vaxxed and all of the unvaxxed I know never contracted the disease, including me who is immune system compromised

I sincerely hope all of this is not a set up for Biden to sign the WHO treaty which would create a medical police state that would allow for government lockdowns and isolations that not even state or federal law could rescind under the guise of a public health emergency. Let us pray……………….